• Susan-W

    “Dr. Luke, how can I even thank you enough! In 2008 I came to you and you have given me the gift of a pain free, healthy body! No matter what ails me, you have the cure. For years I was plagued with sinus problems – gone! Pains in my neck, shoulders, and arm – gone! I thank god for you! You have made such a difference in my life!!”

    Susan W.
  • “I had headaches and my feet used to sweat a lot. After 2 1/2 to 3 months of care my feet stopped sweating. I feel much more energy in me, and it is much easier to wake up every morning.”

    Dennis I.
  • “Dr. Luke’s holistic approach to care gets to the core of the issue beyond simply relieving the symptoms manifested in the spine or neck. Having initially come to see him for back problems that needed spine and hip adjustments, we now rely on the scope of his treatment for allergy relief and all around well-being. The combination of his chiropractic techniques, suggested exercise, and vitamin/supplement regimen has greatly enhanced our quality of life.”

    Mugs C. & Deidra D.
  • “When I came to Dr. Luke a year ago, I had been experiencing the greatest pain imaginable in my body and in my soul. Dr. Luke’s gift of healing and precision helped me clear away the pain that had stopped me from truly knowing myself and living my life. I am so grateful to Dr. Luke and his team for giving me so much love and for helping me get my life back. Thank you for renewing my faith in myself and in the healing process, and allowing me to be me, pain free!!”
    Delfina U
  • “I started seeing Dr. Luke two years ago when I was having serious back pain. Turns out I have functional scoliosis, my hips were canted pulling my spine out of alignment. Dr. Luke treated me regularly and made it possible for me to finish out my dance season successfully. Thank you so much Dr. Luke!”
    Julianne K
  • “I have been a proud, happy patient of Dr. Luke’s for over ten years. When I first visited Dr. Luke I had CHRONIC lower back issues. I often felt like my back was a house of cards, one false move and I would be in terrible, incapacitating pain. Under Luke’s excellent care I can say that is mostly a thing of the past. If I do pull my back out, within two visits to Dr. Luke I am back to normal. What I love about his practice is that he treats the whole patient. There is always a wellness article to read, a product to try, or an inspiring quote on a card after an adjustment. If I become sick (which is a rare occurrence) my first stop is to Dr. Luke. I have come to learn the value and importance of my weekly check in with him. It keeps me healthy, centered, aligned and on track. Further testament to his talent is that my teenage children now tell me, “Mom, I need to go see Dr. Luke”. No cajoling on my part is necessary. In his relaxed, empowering way, he has taught them the importance of a healthy spine. My thoughts would be remiss if I did not mention his AMAZING STAFF and of course, Raj. They are ALWAYS welcoming, warm, helpful and never make you feel guilty if you miss an appointment or call last minute to be seen. It always makes me happy to enter his office! I also love that I can usually be in and out within 15 minutes. I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. How often does that happen at a Doctor’s office??? I love Dr. Luke. He is a gifted, compassionate healer. I am so grateful to have him in my life.”
    Nancy C
  • “I have been one of Dr. Luke’s patients for the past 12 years and counting. When I first met him I had been having a lot of neck problems and was in constant pain. I went to see an Orthopedic Doctor and all he did was give me medication. The medication made me sick to my stomach so I couldn’t take it. Since I started seeing Dr. Luke, my pain has been down to nothing! Due to the type of work I do, I still see Dr. Luke regularly to remain pain free. I call him ‘my angel’. He is the most decent human being I have ever met. He is a blessing to have as a chiropractor, I wouldn’t see anyone else. I trust him and follow his recommendations and lifestyle advice. I absolutely love him!”
    Leila O
  • “Hi, my name is Clara and I am 2 years old. My mommy brought me to see Dr. Luke last year when I had a really bad double ear infection. I had been on 3 rounds of antibiotics, and it seemed nothing could help me get rid of the problem. My Doctors were planning on putting tubes in my ears as the last course of action. Luckily, my mommy remembered that Dr. Luke does adjustments on kids and that it can help with ear infections. Almost immediately my condition improved, then cleared up and went away. Now my mom brings me to see Dr. Luke just to keep me healthy and happy. Oh yeah, my brother loves coming to see Raj and Dr. Luke every once in a while too!”
    Clara K
  • “My deepest gratitude to Dr. Luke for taking care of me, and helping me with my arthritis. His interventions have helped me a great deal. I am able to move better without a whole lot of trouble. I appreciate Dr. Luke. He is a life saver!”
    Isabel B
  • “Initially my reason for coming to Dr. Luke was for what I thought was a pulled hamstring that didn’t seem to go away. Well, it turned out to be more and I began to see Dr. Luke 3 times a week. During this time many XXXX changes have, and continue to take place. One of which, I especially feel amazing! With a lifetime (since childhood) of dealing with allergies and asthma (which meant shots, antihistamines, and inhalers to control the wheezing) after seeing Dr. Luke for a little over a month the wheezing and other symptoms had disappeared. Forward 4 months later NO MEDS OR SHOTS! I cannot explain how great it feels. THANKS TO DR. LUKE, AN INCREDIBLE HEALER!”
    Cecilia J
  • “There I was, stiff as a board. Pieces of me felt like I already had rigor mortis. I’m not old, well, not by today’s standards. Let’s just say I won’t see 50 again unless Buddha is right and there is reincarnation. And I wasn’t injured, well, not in a single accident. I was what you might call a victim of life. I’m a divorced father of 4 wonderful kids, most of whom live with me most of the time. And I work in that topsy-turvy, bone-shaking rollercoaster-ride called the motion picture business. And there’s a recession. And I have chronic cancer. I’ve had advanced prostate cancer for 14 years. I’ll die from something else in my late 80s but on the way there, again, let’s just say sometimes the cancer tries to get “interesting” again, which can be a little stressful. I realized how the slings and arrows of life had scarred me when I was on a bike ride on the boardwalk with my 10-year-old twins. I couldn’t look over my shoulder and keep my hands on the handlebars at the same time. I had to rotate my whole body from my waist! So I went to see Dr. Luke. Why did I pick him over the myriad of chiropractors available to me? It was his simple, clear, focused approach. I wasn’t looking for a masseur who would take an hour kneading me, then tweak me at the end. I didn’t have time for that. And I wasn’t looking for someone who would work on my chi or my karma or aura. I was looking for someone who would help me reverse the damage I had done by not taking care of myself properly while life happened. My neck was stiff, my shoulders were inflexible, my back was twisted, and I couldn’t lift my right leg over my left knee to pull on my sock! Dr. Luke didn’t promise overnight miracles. He simply told me he wanted to see me regularly and work with me to get things right. And that’s what we’ve done. I can look over my shoulder, I can sit cross-legged at the beach and watch my children playing. I don’t wake up aching the way I did each morning. Sure, I still can’t do handstands, but that’s not Dr. Luke’s fault. I never could. Maybe in my next life. In the meantime, Dr. Luke has put a load of health and happiness back in this one.”
    Harvey F
  • “I came to Dr. Luke quite by chance, very frustrated with a long-standing neck and back problem. As it turns out, I had been receiving less than optimal care from my previous Chiropractor. Dr Luke has been wonderful in getting me on the road to wellness and I am grateful for his patience and talented care.”
    Stefani S
  • “Our 15-month-old son developed chronic ear infections. After visiting an ENT doctor who recommended tubes, we wanted to look for any other alternatives. Antibiotics had not only not worked, but caused a terrible case of thrush that went on for months. After starting care the infections went away. It was as simple as that. He’d had them all but continuously for four months and suddenly, they were gone. Finn was on his second day of an antibiotic when we saw Dr. Cohen. I stopped them that day, haven’t given him a drop since and now there are no ear infections and no thrush. Amazing! Finn is so comfortable going into the office now that he acts as if he owns the place. He sleeps better, eats better and has more energy now that he’s not constantly sick. I am so grateful for the care we’ve received at Dr. Cohen’s hands. I went in a skeptic and have come out fully convinced–the proof is in the happy little pudding we like to call Finn.”
    Michele M
  • “Dear Dr. Luke, I’ve been your patient for years, and have wanted to write this letter for a long time ut have found it impossibly difficult to actually write. You literally helped to save my life. How can I sufficiently put that into words? As you recall, I was in an unbelievable amount of pain due to a herniated disc in my lower back. I could not sit down at all or even really comfortably lie down without intense pain. Consequently, I stood all day at my computer, eating dinner, watching TV. Stood. All day. I was exhausted and depressed and felt like my life was truly over. But you were there for me.You were the first one I honestly confided in about the severity of my pain. And you were always right there for me whenever I needed you. You worked so diligently to correct the issues in my back, while patiently and compassionately helping me cope mentally as well. And you improved my spine incredibly. But eventually, it became clear that I did need microsurgery to achieve a complete recovery. And again you were right there for me! I have never known a chiropractor like you one who embraces all facets of medicine. You masterfully helped console and reassure me about other treatments, and most importantly, you enhanced the other treatments with your chiropractic techniques and adjustments. In most cases like mine, each different health care provider is a like a member of a team each with their own contributions to the healing process. But Dr. Luke, you weren’t just a member of my team. You were truly the center of the team. You absolutely were the hub to my healing. You helped me find a massage therapist, a physical therapist, even an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion. You helped me understand the totality of my body, and helped sort out my thoughts so that I could fully benefit from conversations with the other professionals. And the whole time, you were adjusting my back to keep it straight, strong, and as pain free as you possibly could. And I am so happy to tell you (and anyone else who will listen), that I am now pain-free. I can sit, I can be active, I have a life. I am certain that I healed more quickly because you had adjusted my spine into such excellent condition, and kept it there. I still am on your schedule every two weeks. And will be forever. Each week you so carefully check on my progress, and make subtle adjustments to keep me straight and strong. You’ve coached me with lifestyle changes in so many areas from exercise to posture to sleeping positions. And you’ve answered every question I’ve had even ones I didn’t know I had yet! You’ve given me back my life both physically and mentally. And you’ve given me back my back! Even my mother remarked recently that I had a noticeably healthier and more attractive posture that I never had before. She could visually see what you have done for me. I sit now with tears in my eyes, because I know that I never could have made it through this process without you. I KNOW that. Dr. Luke, thank you just doesn’t seem enough. Please know how deeply I appreciate everything that you have done for me, and I look forward to many years of continued health with your help. Forever grateful”
    Tracey D
  • “I came to you for help because I thought I shouldn’t continue with acupuncture. I didn’t know just how much everything was interrelated with the spine. I am happy to have felt a release in the first treatment. All I know is that it feels right. Feels right to be here now, come againm and receive your care Dr. Luke.”
    Esther L
  • “As a former professional dancer (twenty years into retirement) the injuries of my previous career had finally caught up with me. Six months ago I was suffering from numbness in my fingers, extreme pain in my middle back, tingling in my upper back, difficulty turning my head and a whole host of intermittent pains that interfered with normal life routines. Simple actions like cooking dinner could set off a pain chain reaction that would last for a whole day. I have pretty severe scoliosis in my lower back; a condition that plagued me during my dancing days and also wreaked havoc in my current (more sedentary) career. The last straw was being diagnosed with Osteopenia late last year. I decided it was finally time to pursue a more proactive course. I came to see Dr. Luke based on a trusted recommendation and I made the commitment to consistent chiropractic care. From the first visit Dr. Luke was helpful, constructive and informative, arming me with just enough information and a clear picture of what to expect. I faithfully adhered to the program we agreed upon – I’d say 90% of the time. Boy did that pay off! The changes started immediately. At first I could feel my body “retracing” or experiencing old injuries one by one. Dr. Luke had told me to expect this phase, so I stayed the course and focused on the big picture. Soon I started feeling like I had been given a different body – I noticed I was walking freely, standing straighter, and the numbness and tingling stopped. I dimly remember feeling this supple when I was much younger! At my 6 month checkup the x-rays showed that I made a 60% improvement in my condition. That’s HUGE! My lower back has now stabilized and I am much better aligned, which helps with bone rebuilding. It’s strange that I had my “Aha!” moment years after my dance career ended, but now I understand what my teachers back then were trying to tell me. This is what it feels like to be truly upright, fluid and free to move. Thank you Dr. Luke!”
    Rachel H
  • “After four pregnancies in six years, three of them spent on bed-rest for six months, I was committed to returning to an active and healthy lifestyle. Having Gestational Diabetes was another motivator; I had a much greater likelihood of developing Type II Diabetes than others. I’d discovered a wonderful manner to shed weight while partaking in a healthy eating regiment: jogging. Although I engaged in a variety of exercise including cycling, hiking, swimming and stair-climbing, jogging offered a quick means to get in some “cardio” in a relatively short period of time, which was essential to me as a busy mom. Although it helped me in losing 40 lbs, unfortunately, running also took a toll on my back. My lower back injury caused a great deal of discomfort and the resulting sciatic pain made it difficult to sleep and go about my typical routine. Dr. Luke changed all of that. His treatment allowed my injury to heal and under his guidance and care I was able to gradually return to my exercise regime. I continue to receive treatment to support my back as I recover. Eventually I will be as strong as ever and I know that I can always consult Dr. Luke should I encounter any weakness. I recommend Dr. Luke to anyone who has a commitment to healing themselves.”
    Amy M
  • “I came to Dr. Luke through the recommendation of a friend. I have had scoliosis since age 15. The curve in my spine hasn’t limited me in anyway, but I did have frequent, nagging pain on the right side of my back where the curve is pronounced. After seeing Dr. Luke weekly and now every other week, I don’t have that pain. Dr. Luke treats our family (husband and 3 year old). We are all very happy we found this practice. Dr. Luke is a gifted chiropractor and truly understands how bodies work.”
    Anne W
  • “Nine years age, I made an appointment to see Dr. Luke Cohen for a deep pain in my back near the rib cage. After x-rays and prognoses, Dr. Luke started treatment for a misaligned hip due to injury to my coccyx from a fall twenty years previously. I had also experienced frozen shoulder seven years before, pointing to a pattern between the hips, shoulders and neck, which over time was causing a very aggravated condition. I remember how happy I was as my hip slowly unlocked and my stance and walking gate felt more even, although I had not been aware of how weak and uneven I had become. Dr. Luke suggested ball exercises to strengthen the pelvic and core areas, and I became more mindful of good posture. Today, I feel far greater integrity in my body and am very grateful for the exceptional care that Dr. Luke provides.”
    Loretta H
  • “I have worked as a physical therapist assistant for 12 years, so i have had a good look at all types of treatment for injuries. Dr.Luke’s program gets right to the problem with no waiting, quick and effiecient treatment, and reasonable rates so that patients are not pushed away by money before they have a chance to heal.”
    Jeff M
  • “When I slipped me disc I was in there in 30 minutes of the incident. Dr.Luke adjusted me and had me walking in an hour!”
    Douglas D
  • “I had very little movement in my neck and shoulder area. After 2 months of seeing Dr.Luke, I went to a YMCA national swim meet and won Gold medal in one meet and got my best time ever in three other strokes.”
    Ilene C
  • “The miraculous event was the over night disappearance of a major sinus infection. I’m convinced with Dr.Luke’s care, my body can heal itself without drugs.”
    Sarah W
  • “We’ve brought him in to see Dr.Luke since he was 6 days old. He has received chiropractic care ever since. Since birth, he has had no ear infections and no illnesses.”
    Alijah R
  • “Both of my sons have suffered with asthma, headaches, and reoccurring ear infections. One had already had numerous surgeries on his ears to try to prevent the ear infections but it did not seem to help. As a mother very difficult for me to have to hold them back from physical activities out of fear that their asthma would flare up as it often did. After undergoing Chiropractic care, neither of them has had an ear infection to date. Their asthma has decreased tremendously and I feel like they’ve gotten their childhood back. My advice is that before you go see any other Doctor, you come to Dr. Luke. It will change your life, and you will feel healthier than ever. He is an amazing Doctor and an expert at what he does, but the best thing of all is that he has a good heart.”
    Celerina J
  • “I appreciate that Dr. Luke clearly explains things to me. He is good at listening to my goals for treatment and allows us to jointly decide the best course of action. I have always felt that my health and wellness come first with Dr. Luke.”
    Susan E
  • “I was very ill for a long time. After seeing and experiencing Dr.Luke’s miraculous gift of healing, I am virtually free of all illnesses. I have had an extraordinary relief from all of my occurrences of health challenges. Thank you Dr.Luke for ‘your miracle touch’.”
    Elizabeth C