Meet The Doctor

Dr. Luke Cohen, D.C.

lukecohenDr. Cohen accepts the responsibility to be a teacher. to our community and to our patients. He started his busy practice in the Pacific Palisades in 1999. Over the last 20 years he has strived to teach and educate the public that health and wellness do not come by chance.

A Caring Heart with a Modern Approach

Dr. Cohen is widely recognized in the Los Angeles area as a caring doctor with the most modern approaches to chiropractic care. Amongst other chiropractic doctors he is renowned for his focus on developing specific systems of care which are unique to each patient, while innovating and improving on previously trusted healing regimens. Dr. Cohen’s preferred method of treatment employs functional analysis, which allows for greater accuracy and understanding when locating and eliminating central nervous system interference.

Dr. Cohen’s focus on restoring central nervous system function has allowed him to achieve incredible and often dramatic results with the most difficult, chronic and degenerative cases. As a result, many of Dr. Cohen’s patients routinely travel from Brentwood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Marina del Rey, and even across the country to receive chiropractic adjustments.

Fantastic Results with Chronic Pain & Spinal Instability

Dr. Cohen’s unparalleled success treating chronic pain and disease is supported by his unique approach utilizing pneumatic air-powered drop tables with advanced ArthroStim® joint instruments. He has been invited to demonstrate and share his methods at chiropractic study programs around Los Angeles countless times over the last dozen years. Dr. Cohen has also created and perfected a technique he calls an Adaptive Response Chiropractic Adjustment (ARCA). This specific technique is an integration of functional analysis neurology with table assisted corrective methods done by master hands and the most modern technologies.

A Life Committed to Chiropractic Care
Dr. Luke S. Cohen was born in South Africa, but raised locally in the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica areas. At the age of seven he began to experience a painful limp accompanied by migraines, which hindered his daily lifestyle as an active child.

His parents explored many treatments resulting in years of trying different medications, but as time passed the conditions worsened and while no medicinal treatment seemed to help his ailments. Over time he began to learn to cope with his persistent aches and pains, and had given up hope for an effective treatment, when he was recommended to see a chiropractor. After his very first chiropractic adjustment there was an immediate release of pressure from his spine and after finishing the total care routine he was no longer experiencing back pain or headaches, and was able to affect a normal gait; with the pain gone his limp fully subsided. This was Dr. Cohen’s first experience with a pain free lifestyle.

Since then, Dr. Cohen has devoted his life to helping people live healthy and pain free lives through chiropractic care. Over the past 20 years he has continued to attend monthly seminars to help keep his approach up to date, assisting him in treating thousands of patients. He is Board Certified and nationally recognized as one of the top chiropractors in the U.S. for his unique diagnosis methods and ability to treat a large range of ailments. He believes that just as people and lifestyles vary, the most effective path to care can vary, and as such, he treats every patient with one-on-one attention and a healing program designed specifically for their needs.

Office Schedule changing to Monday and Wednesday

Office will only be open starting March 18th on Monday and Wednesday 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm. Ask doctor for details